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Why did no one tell me just how AMAZING ‘Downton Abbey’ is? I’m on episode 3 of Season 1 and am so in love with it I’ll be caught up & watching it on TV by Sunday. Anyhow time to head into London with my brother from another mother, @John_O_Tron to watch my favourite Geordie tell jokes, @_Chris_Ramsey ♥


I’m just catching up on season 1 of ‘Downton Abbey’ so I can watch this new season on ITV1 with some understanding. It is superb the Duke is already sleeping with the footman. In a Nigerian film that’s like the governor or commissioner sleeping with the house boy. Highly recommended viewing but I’m curious; in the episode I’m currently watching the son of a doctor & lawyer is considered kind of low class. When did these professions become highly respectable ♥

I know I yo-yo up and down between a size 10 and a size 22 and have done for years and believe me I bear this in mind and am trying to control it once and for all. But Melissa McCarthy if you can’t find clothes that fit you, is it not time to do something about your weight ♥

I’ve always wondered about boarding schools. Do you think they’re a good idea? I know of some people who went to one & got bullied & there was no escape because they lived with the cretins too. How do the prefects stop that going on? Thus far in my 12 year old sister’s grammar school none of it has gone on. Though I feel sorry for anyone who tries to bully my sister, she’d destroy them ♥

Help me out people, where’s the balance? Because of certain events in my life especially in my mid teens if anyone remotely teases me now I go *krazy* and HAVE to stand up for myself but how the hell do you know when you’re over-reacting ♥

She does NOT look good, at all.