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I don’t feel sorry for Kim Kardashian one little bit, she went into that ‘marriage’ with her eyes wide open. Everybody knew that dude was a goof and VERY immature for 26. 31 years old, 2 failed marriages and boyfriend after boyfriend. The only thing she’s good at is looking good. 72 days of marriage is a disgrace and a mockery of the whole institution. If you’re divorcing after 72 days you knew full when you were getting married you were unsure of your mate. Stupid woman. I knewthis would happen but I thought she’d at least make it to next spring ♥


This is part of the reason I am for gay marriage outside a Church. Kim Kardashian is divorcing after 72 days of marriage *SMH* silly, silly woman. I knew this would happen, she should have listened to Khloe. Christians and heterosexuals have made a mockery of marriage, so why not let the gays join in ♥

Thank you Beyonce; for if I had not sat through that *AWFUL* film ‘Dream Girls’ I’d have not thought of wearing my wig back to front tonight and actually making it look like who I’m going as, somewhat ♥

Given the video I’ve just seen I fear there is credence to these allegations against Herman Cain. Either his spokesman JD Gordon is terrible at his job or he was kept out of the loop by Mr Cain. If Herman Cain has paid two women to go away after accusing him of sexual harassment that itself is NOT an admission of guilt. Celine Dion’s husband paid a woman who’d accused him of rape and it was found she was lying. The question now is can Mr Cain survive this set back? Bill O’reilly, Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton have both been accused of this in fact Clinton was accused of rape and they all survived. Now it’s a wait and see thing ♥

Why is it these accusations from women accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment only surface now he is the Republican front runner? If Cain was a democrat these allegations would be a badge of honour, after all Bill Clinton was an accused rapist and fondler and not to mention a proven adulterer ♥

What is known of Jesus’ half brothers and sisters, what were their names and what became of them ♥

Two angels visited Lot one night, in human form in Sodom and told him to up and leave Sodom and take his family with him as the Lord was fixing to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The reasons God destroyed those cities primarily was because people were lying, stealing and gambling, correct? The sexual immorality i.e. adultery etc was a secondary offence to God, right? And if Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt for looking back in sympathy at the people of Sodom, who were being struck dead by God, what lesson is to be learned from that ♥