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Last night Vybz Kartel took a gun, took control of his prison, shot 13 people killing one, a prison guard and escaped from prison. This is the equivalent of Lil Wayne doing this in an American jail. You can take the man out of the Jamaican ghetto which is worse than *any* American ghetto but you can’t take the Jamaican ghetto out of the man. When are they making the movie ♥


Sceptic fail: Old fashioned misogyny in action

Tonight I made some stuff public knowledge, you can debate whether that was right or wrong but the responses I got were nothing short of krazy.

@gussay_guscot was the first to pipe up who was swiftly put down by  @HayleyStevens. Kudos to her. His gem of a tweet went as follows “Is that a bachelors of science? Doubt it, they don’t do science degree in fashion or cosmetic surgery. Original, I doubt it”. This was in reply to me mentioning my degree in IR with Politics. I like fashion, make up, the Kardashian sisters and all things girly really, however I also like to discuss religion, politics and current affairs etc. Girly girls can’t be intelligent? Are you smoking something? I rightly pointed out to him that a degree in cosmetic surgery is a degree in a science, sceptic stuff.

@The_Crazy_Dwarf whom I believe is also a sceptic also piped in to say how lame @gussay_guscot was for actually saying that.

In response to my tweet which read “Here we go; of course me liking fashion & cosmetics means I can’t achieve a BA in international relations with Politics”, @andyjholding chipped in with this beauty “BA in International Relations ha ha almost got me there”.

He of course was joined by @Scepticstu who @’ed this to someone debating me “You’re bigger than some muppety troll. Watch it though, she ‘has a degree’! Hilarious. Crack on fella”

Not only do I have a degree in IR with politics, I studied a degree in business before that (though I didn’t finish it). I have qualifications in aviation and a well above average IQ. I can’t articulate myself as well as @blondpidge who gets much of the same abuse over her interest in taking care of her appearance as well as academia but nevertheless I have to thank her and @12meadow (a beautician) for defending me, the African Elle Woods.

Btw I met several models and glamour models when I was at university and whilst visiting strip club for my dissertation I interviewed many girls who danced who were studying and writing books. Jog on!

PS I almost forgot @burpthekitten who tweeted this about me “Life is too short to waste it on fuckwits. No-one believes her tripe, leave her to her make-up and sad little life”.

My friend from university is a high fashion model, she’s signed with Ford models. My friend is also Asian and makes many appearances in ‘Asiana’ magazine in the most beautiful saris. I haven’t seen her in simply ages so when I was at the shop I decided to flick through ‘Asiana’ magazine and see if she was in it. I couldn’t see her but the model on the front cover looked Caucasian, so did all the other Asian models inside the magazine. Without getting into the politics of a magazine featuring exclusively Asian women. I have to wonder why they created a magazine presumably to raise the profile of Asian women in fashion, who let’s face it are even less represented than black women in fact less represented than very dark skinned black women, if they’re only going to use Asian models who look European. Does that not defeat the purpose of ‘Asiana’ magazine ♥

FOX News anchor impression

I’m an attention whore and at night I go to bed wondering “When will I, will I be famous”. But it seems even I have my limits as to what I’d do to get famous. Sleeping with premiership footballers is clearly one thing I won’t do since the Gooner who got my number in August has sent me three text messages this afternoon trying to entice me. But then I knew 3 years ago I’d not sleep with a premiership footballer for fame. Demar Phillips of Stoke City failed to get me back to his hotel room even after buying me a bottle of Moët in the club and flashing the cash. What do you know? I do have integrity lol ♥

Oh dear I’m sounding like a hippie liberal but why don’t people born in developed countries or those with genetics ties to developed regions realise they just got these connections through chance not through divine right, they didn’t pick their parents, silly racist tram woman ♥

What is it exactly all these people coming to Britain are doing because the lines being spun by the anti immigration lobby are; ‘They’re coming here and taking our jobs’ and ‘They’re coming here and sitting on welfare’ isn’t that what you call mutually exclusive? They can’t be doing both ♥