Archive | December 2011

A question about #Islam; If a man wants to take a 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife, does he need to seek the approval and gain it from his first wife ♥

Is there anything morally wrong in concealing your history? I’m watching ‘Great Expectations’ and Pip, the lead character had wanted to keep his humble beginnings hidden. I make no secret of the fact I have altered my voice a great deal to conceal things about me that my previous accent gave away immediately. If concealing your roots advances you in life what harm could it do if any ♥

For all my obsessions with America and the Republican party, when I see scenery of #Canada I’m attracted, the landscape is breathtaking. Are there parts of Northern USA like this or do I have to add Canada to my list of countries to visit ♥

Katy Perry and Russell Brand made their marriage last just 14 months, what a joke. Another heterosexual couple making a mockery of the whole marriage thing. Kim Kardashian; 2 divorces by age 31, Britney Spears age 30 about to marry the 3rd guy. J Lo, 3 husbands by 42, Drew Barrymore divorced after 4 weeks, Renée Zellweger annulled after 7 months, though she cited fraud so may well be a victim. And let’s not forget the flake that is Sinead O’Connor ♥

I love reading articles about Hillary Duff, she seems so sensible and I’m willing to bet that if January Jones didn’t have money she’d wish she’d followed in Hillary Duff’s footsteps towards motherhood ♥

Please forgive any offence I may cause with this status; Are Orthodox Jewish women not allowed to speak with ‘outsiders’? Approximately 1/5 of my clientele are Orthodox Jews and of that 1/5 only 3 women have been pleasant and chatted happily with me, the rest have been very cold to me and in fact damn right rude. Is it anything to do with being ‘the chosen people’? Are Gentiles inferior? My last client today was especially rude and my boss even called me over and asked if I was OK after what she had done. Incidentally orthodox Jewish men have been nothing but nice to me so I have to wonder are the women sheltered from outsiders ♥

As I catch up on “Great Expectations” for some reason I am reminded of the black death. I used to live on a council estate not too far from Blackheath and the rumour was; Blackheath got its name due to the mass black death graves, is this accurate ♥