Thus far for explanations as to how hell & Satan came to be; I’ve heard that there was a war in heaven between God and Lucifer, Lucifer fell to earth & God made hell as a prison for sinners, so I’m assuming Lucifer became Satan i.e. head warden of God’s prison. I’ve also heard that God decided not to enter a certain area so he could cast sinners i.e. those not in union with him to a place where he was not present. But the questions still remain; surely God and Satan had to have made a deal with each other for Satan to rule over hell……..And how did God get Satan to rule hell in obedience with his will if Satan hates God ♥


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  1. What’s the problem? When you find that certain explanations in an ancient text just don’t make sense, or when they contradict, then you have to cease any ‘belief’ and start from scratch. Religious movements tend to say “first believe and then everything will become clear and fall into place”. That’s fine if you’re a small child and your parents want you to believe in Santa but most children, as the grow up, will realise it’s just not true.

    Fundamentalist churches, in particular, are very clever in the methods they use to attract and hold on to members. Unfortunately they base their beliefs (as far as the Old Testament goes) on Bronze Age texts probably based on earlier fables and stories. The New Testament is a compilation of texts, heavily edit over the years. As you probably know the four Gospels were not written by any of the apostles and the earliest was probably written 30 years or so after the death of a certain man called Jesus. There are many texts that never made it into the bible. The editorial boards were similar ones to that which invented the idea of the holy trinity. Check out the history of the New Testament. However if someone is convinced the compilation is the true word of God then it’s very difficult to have a logical discussion with them.

    Even seemingly intelligent adults with several university degrees will use the most laughable arguments to support their belief in God. Everyone is free to believe what they want; but it’s when they attempt to affect the lives of others that we need to make a stand for common sense.

    There are groups of fundamentalist christians that want to get Creationism taught in the school science curriculum. They believe that the accounts in Genesis are 100% true, but appear to miss the contradictions between Genesis 1 and Genesis 2! Some of these fundamentalists (and they are in a church near you) also believe that Noah’s flood actually happened and that man has only been on the earth for 6,000 years. If it wasn’t so dangerous then it would be truly laughable. Some of them are even geologists!

    These are the same sort of people who think “the power of prayer” (over and above the placebo effect) can cure diseases like cancer …. very dangerous.

    On a holiday in France I called in at Lourdes. What a sad sight to see, masses of twisted bodies in wheel chairs and on litters all looking for a cure. And all coming away unchanged. But miraculously their ‘faith’, or that of their ‘handlers’ was unchanged … it says a lot for how religious beliefs can capture the brain. Do you think we will ever see a newspaper headline like “Power of Prayer Regenerates Finger!” ….. don’t hold your breath!

    So why believe in either heaven or hell …. is there any rational proof that they exist? Don’t think so. But there are surgeons out there that can stitch a finger back on or remove a cancerous tumour.

    The power of religion is just that …. POWER. Look at the corporation that is the Vatican and the hold that catholic priests in Ireland had over the whole country. Look at the large fundamentalist churches in the USA with massive buildings raking in millions of dollars (many with discredited leaders not practising what they preach!). Then look more locally at your neighbourhood fundamentalist church groups. See the power they wield over their congregations and the very comfortable living some of their pastors make from tithing.

    Believe nothing without proof and question everything.

    • I am an atheist as was my father. A surname is just something that gets past down. So don’t judge people on their name. Perhaps you think I should hide behind a pseudonym like you to preserve my anonymity?
      Do you suggest I change it? Electriczara is an unusual name. Come to think of it, David Electriczara would sound quite funky!

      I have an objection to ANY religious group that wishes to ‘harvest souls’ for their particular faith. It is mainly the Christian and Muslim faiths that want the whole world to be like them; although the Scientologists and Mormons aren’t far behind. I would point out that Jews do not proselytise but, having said that, there are quite a few Jewish practices that I do find completely illogical.

      I admit that I have particular problems with evangelical ‘happy clappy’ fundamentalist Christian churches. A local group into which an ex-partner was enticed by a close family member succeeded in breaking us apart on the grounds that a) We weren’t married and hence were committing fornication & b) I hadn’t accepted Jesus into my life. This resulted in her having a nervous breakdown and spending many years in a mental hospital and nursing homes. At that time her ‘friends’ in the church, including most of her family completely ignored her. Not what most people would call ‘Christian’.

      I would imagine, had we lived in a Muslim country I would have had my head chopped off and my partner would have been buried in a hole and stoned to death.

      So there’s your answer I have first hand experience of the evil side of a particular fundamentalist religious group.

      Do you seriously believe in the existence of heaven and hell? If you do, on what evidence do hold this belief?

  2. Lucifer the angel rebelled against God, got kicked out of heaven, and is destined to burn eternally in the lake of fire. Satan is a word that means accuser, which is something he does. He is not a warden or ruler of hell, but is rather going to an inmate. Hell is a destination for those who stand in rebellion to God, whether they be angels or people. Hell in this context refers to the lake of fire, since hell actually means the grave. Satan is a fallen angel, created by God, letting pride take root and rebelling.

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