Never discuss religion, politics or sex and I talk about all 3

I started my new job just over a week ago, I get on with everyone and the managers are great too. However as I learned working in America, no one is my friend there, they’re acquaintances and I shall keep them at a distance. I’m working in a fashion house as a personal shopper and stylist; however my 25 year old legs are struggling and I am looking for a new Monday-Friday 9-5 office job and I am looking hard. However I will not quit again i.e. without a job to go to.

I work about 2 and a half hours away from home so the commute is long but it has me reading again. Yes, even I tire of listening to Mariah Carey hit her 8 octaves or Nicki Minaj spitting her raps and turn off my music and begin reading a book.

I have the BDD in complete check now. I’m surrounded by mirrors at work and they’re not bothering me. I don’t catch a glimpse of myself and feel revolted like I did for years. However the OCD is fighting me tooth and nail and keeping it at bay in front of new people whom I have no intention of telling about it, is proving troublesome. Today the OCD couldn’t be beaten by me until I was on the train home then that battle I won at work against OCD was kicked to the curb. The OCD controlled me the whole journey home and I mean the whole. If I can just get on top of these obsessive thoughts the manifestations of it will go away.

If you keep up with me via Tumblr or WordPress you’ll see long paragraphs of my thoughts along with long entries like this one. Those paragraphs are my facebook statuses copied and pasted into my public blogs. If I didn’t copy and paste those, unless you viewed my twitter account you’d not know I was political. I’ve decided to write more detailed longer posts like this one on political issues and religion, this is a gamble.

Today I wondered where my random add on facebook, friend had gone away to. I typed his name into the search bar and he came up. I pressed the return button and saw we were no longer facebook friends. I didn’t unfriend him, he unfriended me. He’s from the Czech Republic. He randomly added me on facebook in late 2009, he was political, liberal and into science. We disagreed a lot but we’d spend hours talking on IM and sometimes stay up until 3am just chatting. We had loads in common. I don’t know what I said that caused this. I think I might message him asking what’s up or maybe just add him back. I really hope he accepts. I’m guessing I eventually offended him…………..


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