Please forgive any offence I may cause with this status; Are Orthodox Jewish women not allowed to speak with ‘outsiders’? Approximately 1/5 of my clientele are Orthodox Jews and of that 1/5 only 3 women have been pleasant and chatted happily with me, the rest have been very cold to me and in fact damn right rude. Is it anything to do with being ‘the chosen people’? Are Gentiles inferior? My last client today was especially rude and my boss even called me over and asked if I was OK after what she had done. Incidentally orthodox Jewish men have been nothing but nice to me so I have to wonder are the women sheltered from outsiders ♥

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  1. I doubt that it’s a religious thing unless you are making a point of treating them differently or making them aware that you realise they are orthodox Jews. Perhaps you asked some pointed questions that made them feel uncomfortable?

    I don’t know what sort of service you are offering; it could be that the type of person in general that come to you think they are better than others irrespective of any religion or none.

    • I work in high end fashion, the people than I deal with have a higher income than most people. A typical outfit I sell or rather a cheap one is at least £130. When I’m serving them I talk to them in a friendly manner. It was Chanukkah for 8 days just two weeks ago so I asked them how their Chanukkah was. When I have Muslims in I ask about their Ramadam and when I’m dealing with people in non religious clothing I ask about their Christmas, when it is the relevant season. Besides it is very obvious they’re orthodox Jews, how can they expect people not to notice lol?

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