‘The Young Turks’ are race baiting worse than Al Sharpton. Mitt Romney doesn’t think the children of illegal immigrants should get in-state tuition. If their parents are undocumented they haven’t been paying taxes. For goodness sake. ‘TYT’ immediately tried to make him out to be racist against Hispanics, what the hell? There are 50,000 illegal Irish immigrants in America, is it now racist for Romney to deny their children in-state tuition? I don’t even like Romney. As for their view on Ron Paul, they’re right on target as is Bill O’reilly, you can’t be an absolutist like that especially when discussing the civil rights bills of 1964. And Santorum shot himself in the foot big time with that remark about welfare. If he’d been specifically asked about such a specific group his answer would be on point but he brought said group up from nowhere ♥


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