You know for al…

You know for all the issues I had growing up and how rubbish people used to make me feel for being African. Last night on the hashtag #InAnAfricanHouse on Twitter I had a blast tweeting stereotypes about African households, like for example the fridge in an African house is filled with ice cream containers filled with rice or stew. I loved the fact I was tweeting in broken Yoruba and pidgin English too. As I was listening to my music on the way home today I was listening to R Kelly’s remix of Lil Kim’s ‘Whoa’ which had a Hispanic rapper rapping in Spanish in parts. I also listened to Jessy Matador’s ‘Décalé Gwada’ and they reminded me of living in America and seeing the Latinos talk Spanish to each other and being at home and having family talking to one another in Yoruba. Nothing beats that sense of community (I’m not saying people shouldn’t learn English in an English speaking country), I love being African ♥


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