So @moronwatch Michelle Obama attended a photo op at a food bank wearing $515 kicks, she is now being criticised for looking too glamourous in a time of economic gloom. Further to this the First Lady took part in a Nickleodeon kids show and was referred to as ‘Your Excellency’ by a child who knew not what to refer to her as. This lead to a right wing group depicting her as Marie Antoinette who never actually told French peasants to eat cake but is regarded as having said such. Somehow that image of Mrs Obama as Marie Antoinette is branded racist by the ‘LA Times’ because it’s meant to represent an uppity negro, what? Firstly Marie Antoinette was regarded as too extravagant in a time of economic gloom and secondly most right wing groups are very careful when caricaturing the Obamas in anyway so as not to be accused of racism so they’d have thought about what conclusions could have been drawn from the image before releasing it, get a grip


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