You know when God sent two angels to visit Lot and told him to get the hell out of Sodom because he wanted to wipe Sodom and Gomorrah from the face of the earth? Could that happen now? If God looked at a country (let’s be honest probably a Scandinavian country, they’re the most liberal) and thought he wanted to cleanse it, would he send angels to warn the God fearing to up and leave that land? If so how would we know not to dismiss the people claiming to have been visited by angels as nuts ♥


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  1. Stories like that of Lot are mythological and date from the Bronze Age. So called “Acts of God” are natural events and ‘God’ doesn’t intervene to save anyone. When individuals are dragged out alive from earthquake debris people say it’s “a miracle” but it’s just chance.

    In France, when the Cathars were being slaughtered by the Pope. The Pope’s instructions were to kill everyone and God would sort out the true believers afterwards!

    Be rational, Angels are as rare as Unicorn manure!

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