American motherhood

Last night I was supposed to go to my friend Hazel’s 21st birthday party, but due to the forecast snow storm I didn’t risk it. An hour after I cancelled on Hazel the snow began to fall and this morning 6 inches of it coats my pathway. I would have had to have found my way from Croydon to south east London via bus in all this in my club clothes, which would have been an epic fail.

Today I am wearing my one item that resembles trousers, a pair of leggings and am going to attempt to get to @MwStory’s house. I’m cooking him Jamaican food, an odd choice for African me but since I can barely make any of my country food without supervision I’m not going to attempt to. I’m making him rice and peas and chicken. He’s pretty worldly and last time I was at his house he cooked us Indian food.


I have my good friend @BW_Raiders back on twitter. Amanda deleted all her social networks except her tumblr site, so I look forward to reading her tweets again. After I clicked follow I looked at her images. Amanda and I both started our get thin regime at about the same times, she lost almost 2 stone in 1 month by swimming which really inspired me. Amanda is obsessed with ‘The Raiders’, I can’t remember what state she lives in but she is, I believe a Southern conservative girl. I scrolled through her images and saw one of her with a Raiders player and for some reason she reminded me of one of the mums in ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’. I watch that show because my own mother was a beauty queen back in the 70s and was a calendar girl in the early 80s. I have made no secret of my desire to become an American, no matter what, by age 28 I’ll be living there again. I can’t wait to be a mother and strangely when I commute to work I have to walk through a Marks and Spencer superstore. I always arrive at least half an hour before my shift starts so I can grab a bite to eat and so I can window shop. And on my way home from work, if my bus isn’t due for quite a while I will browse through Marks and Sparks, try on clothes and hopefully pick up a new edition of their magazine.

This isn’t my usual post on looks per se because I am not looking at the beautiful women featured in their clothes section. Well not in my usual way anyway. I like to look at the family scenarios, the upper middle class lifestyle that is the definition of Marks and Spencers. I come from a council estate background and when I was 12 my mother spent a fortune on elocution lessons. Not to blow my own trumpet but I am very well spoken, though I’d like to tweak it further. I’ve stepped up in life, council estates are in the past.

The Marks and Spencer’s image to me is one of a well rounded family with 2.4 kids, though I want a lot more than that. I’ve always seen myself as a Claire Huxtable type, married to a decent man with a good career, with equally decent kids.

Anyhow it’s 10.40am and I really need to grab a shower, visit a few shops and head to Michael’s house so I leave you with this. Forget the teen pregnancy and single motherhood just look at the image.


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