Paiyouji Herbal Tea

About two weeks ago a woman came into work, I was assigned the task of dressing her daughter. Her daughter had lost 4 stones, that’s 56lbs and needed a new wardrobe. We got talking and bonded because her daughter’s boyfriend is Nigerian, like me. The girl’s mother had lost weight too, a stone and a half but not through exercise, through a tea called ‘Paiyouji Herbal Tea’.

On Payday I ordered two boxes of the tea from Amazon at a cost of just over £30 for 36 sachets of tea. I have a month’s supply. I was not going to blog about this until April but I must share the news. I’ve been on the tea since yesterday morning when my parcel arrived. It doesn’t taste bad, just different, it’s less different than drinking an asprine in water. I drank one cup yesterday morning, as directed and yesterday my entire food intake was a bacon in bagel sandwich, half a *small* pizza from ‘Pizza Hut’, half a bowl of salad, a cookie dough desert, and you know how tiny they are now in ‘Pizza Hut’ and a spoonful of mash potatoes when I got home. Today I drank my tea and I’ve had a homemade smoothie, a bowl of nuts and raisins with some chocolate and half my plate of chicken, rice and roast potatoes. I usually eat my entire plate but the tea is really working, I believe. I don’t feel all that hungry and when I do eat, I get full quickly. In two weeks time I’ll weigh myself but I’m really not eating a lot at all.

It’s not expensive and so far so good. So just thought I’d share. Oh PS I found this lady on youtube, she’s adorable and curvy too.


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