Samantha Brick is right on target, we like to see babes on TV

Samantha Brick is right on this one, we like to see attractive people on TV. One of the reasons FOX news does so well is the fact all the women on there apart from Greta Van Susteren are drop dead gorgeous and what Van Susteren lacks lookswise she compensates for in her superior intelligence (btw she’s also a clear democrat). Compare say Harris

Faulkner of FOX 

Or Julie Banderas, Megyn Kelly or Sibani Joshi to their British counterparts Samira Ahmed

Ronke Philips and Jane Hill. Now in the interests of fair and balanced journalism which channel 4 refuses to engage in (those newsreaders give their opinion and state what side of the fence they’re on, on issues, wth catty remarks or subtle digs with laughter/odd facial expressions) Samira Ahmed blocked me on twitter two weeks ago after I called her out on a tweet she made last year questioning the whereabouts of Sarah Palin’s baby whilst she was on the road. I found it an odd thing for a working mother, woman and clear lefty to tweet. Clearly she didn’t like being challenged.

The British newsreaders, read their news and that’s it, the American ones, in particular the ones on FOX bring in viewers, by all means not on their stunning looks alone but that is a large part of it.


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