Exposing the lies, libelous statements & half truths of @MoronWatch

Usually upon my return from work and after a quick clothes change my first activity is going online. I check my emails, facebook, twitter and the Daily Mail website. Sometimes I visit the FOX News website if I want to catch up on ‘Megyn Kelly Live’, though usually I only hit that site in the mornings. However today I have come home from work to immediately write this blog entry. I am yet to check Twitter but I am sure there are about 200 abusive tweets waiting for me due to Moronwatch’s libel of me. The last time he misrepresented my comments a few days ago, I counted 320 abusive tweets, as did friends of mine.

Over the year and a half MoronWatch and I have known one another we have become friends, of a kind and have spoken privately about various matters. Due to my good nature, personal information he has shared with me will remain private and I will only address his public statements. I believe he too, will reciprocate this.

Over the last few months Moronwatch has deliberately and I believe maliciously edited tweets of mine to make me appear to be a bigot or a bit nuts. These last two times have been particularly spiteful. 

Over the weekend I made comments which I standby 100%. I said the struggle for black rights was a greater struggle than gays fighting for the privilege to marry. Let us examine my correct argument.

Under US law, under South African law and ignored by British law enforcement. Segregation has occurred. Until 1964 in America there was segregation, until 1994 in South Africa there was Apartheid. And the British government ignored signs of ‘No blacks, No dogs and No Irish’ in British business from the 40s right up until the early 70s. Under US law blacks were legally classified as 3/5 of a person. The civil rights act of 1964, integrated society. Blacks could go to school with whites, drink at water fountains, use libraries and public transportation. Homosexuals want to get married and I fully support this request. I see no legitimate argument against this on a civil level. What I said to Moronwatch was ‘Marriage is not a right’. Rights have no restrictions placed on them. If marriage were a right, those krazy Mormons could be polygamists, Muslims in America could be polygamists, Christians too. People could marry animals and children but as marriage is a privilege these are not permitted. Polygamy is always a foolish idea but if it floats your boat, go for it. Moronwatch decided to tweet that I had said ‘Black rights were greater than gay rights’. Here’s his first misrepresentation. As I’d never have called the quest for gay marriage a right. His blind followers descended on me. Talking about how the Bible was BS, calling me a homophobe and a troll. Firstly, who gives a shit what the Bible says when it comes to civil matters? I sure don’t. They’d assumed I was some sort of good Christian. Secondly, how is it homophobic to support gay marriage? I can’t work it out. And thirdly, Moronwatch spends his every waking day trolling twitter and starting arguments with people he disagrees with, he is the uber troll. By that evening I had received 320 abusive tweets because of comments I had not made.

When Moronwatch is shown to be in the wrong he stops commenting and he does this so his followers won’t see his missteps and will still think he is THE messiah.  

This morning I logged into Twitter and was actually semi seriously going to invite Moronwatch to my 26th birthday party in July at a Burlesque club. So you can imagine my annoyance when I logged in and the first tweet in my timeline was him calling me a Moron over a tweet I sent last night. The ‘Washington Post’ have either unknowingly or willing published a false statistic pertaining to African American support for gay marriage. According to the paper since Obama endorsed gay marriage, African American support for gay marriage has climbed to 59%. The idea of that is insane. Not only do blacks have the highest Church attendance of any racial group in the world, we’re also notoriously homophobic. Of course there are black people who are not homophobes but for the general view, yes we are. Here’s how I know this; my half brother is half West Indian, my step cousin is African American. I have lived in America and I am black myself. I have connections to the 3 black groups on the planet. On my father’s side of my family, who are all born in Africa. Every single member would criminalise homosexuality. On my mother’s side who are all born in the UK or USA and who have white members and white ancestry – read more left leaning members and exposure to western culture. The view is ‘I don’t agree with gay but Uganda goes too far’. There is not a black state on a the planet that I am aware of that doesn’t criminalise homosexuality to some degree. Would you want to be gay in Jamaica or Uganda? Hell no.

Now I know you will get annoyed at the source but check out  http://www.godhatestheworld.com/  whilst the Westboro baptist church are a vile group. They’re truthful, intelligent and accurate and all the information pertaining to various countries is also accurate. A cross check against Wikipedia will give you the same information.  http://www.godhatestheworld.com/  is only being used because you can access information about all countries on one site. Can you name 5 black counties that don’t criminalise homosexuality to some degree?

Let’s look at western blacks, again Church is still big. The second most liberal state in the US, California banned gay marriage and it only did so via black support. 70% voted no. Keith Olberman tackled blacks on this and said “How can people who know all too well the sting of discrimination do this to another group?”. HIV/AIDS is the number 1 killer of black women in America because of black men on the down low. Down low men, have sex with one another, usually in public and usually bareback. This is done so they can maintain a heterosexual appearance in public and be seen as big strong, masculine black men. I challenge anyone to find 100 random black people in a western country and come back with 59 supporting gay marriage. And if Moronwatch thinks that Obama’s words influenced blacks to such a high percentage of approval, he thinks blacks are easily manipulated.

Moronwatch has a lot of black friends, he’s stated this openly but cracks in his knowledge of black issues have begun to appear. For example a few weeks back I was being trolled and a black man in America called me ‘Nappy headed’. Moronwatch said he said this because he just doesn’t like me. Any black person hearing that said would know the real reason. He said this due to self-hate. Making fun of my hair in its natural African state whilst being black himself is self-hate.

This morning Moronwatch said I’d made anti gay comments, which I had not, check my tweets. I quoted the general view of the black race on gay issues. The tweet that started the kick off was the one where I said; The gaystapo had more financial power and political pressure abilities than blacks. Two things. This is an accurate statement. The gaystapo tend not to have kids and tend to be more educated than everyone so have this ability. Obama always had or did always have the black vote although he’s pissed people off supporting gay marriage. My former Jamaican pastor freely described homosexuals as ‘Batty Boys’, ‘Chi chi men’ and ‘Faggots’. This is language freely used in many churches in America. Of which I’ve attended some. Now some of you kicked off over my use of the term ‘Gaystapo’ because of the nazi references. Well check the meaning http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=gaystapo especially definition 1. I will not apologise for using this term, have you never said ‘The wind raped my hair’, or ‘Femi-nazi’, or ‘I was facebook raped’?

Moronwatch only tackles people who disagree with him, he has an agenda. When Marion Barry, the African American ex mayor of Detroit who was a crackhead made racist comments about Asians. I forwarded them to him, he made no more than two or three tweets on the subject. Had Barry been Caucasian or a conservative he’d have gone on about and blogged about it, too. And also mentioned Barry’s crack use.

Moronwatch, you follow Muslim extremists, uber Zionists, wacky Christians, members of the Westboro Baptist Church, racists of all races and above all of these I am the one you call too moronic and block, really?

PS I hope I have not missed anything out and have picked up on all typos. At work today I was going over what I was going to write here and all the points I wanted to address. 


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