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Probably the most interesting and controversial tweet I’ve read in months “Christopher Hitchens was a brilliant man, but a foolish one. And now he has an aeviternal existence w/out the Father he so resented” ♥

What does it say about a country when those who want to be its President *HAVE* to believe in God or they can kiss their politicalaspirations away? Even the liberal politicians or rather the Democrats know atheism will ruin them politically. Hell even here in the UK, Ed Miliband knew that if he didn’t marry the woman he impregnated his political career was over ♥

50% of Americans identify as Christian, up to 90% believe in God be that a Muslim, Jew, Christian, Sikh or non religious God. We all know the vast majority of atheists celebrate Christmas so what the hell do these big Christmas trees represent that government  officials insist on calling them holiday trees, get a grip secular progressives. When I had a crisis of faith and thought I was atheist I didn’t mind the word ‘Christmas’ ♥