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What do you think of people speaking in tongues? It goes on all the time in Pentecostal Churches. When I first became a Pentecostal, I’d attend ‘Emmanuel Pentecostal Church’ and without fail the same 2 or 3 people would get up and speak in tongues every single service. Also without fail the same elderly man would get up and translate what they said into English. At least that’s how I recall, he could have just been praying in English a completely different prayer. Are Pentecostals the only denomination to use glossolalia? What is the Biblical explanation for glossolalia ♥


Before the 1500s everyone in Europe was a #Catholic, bar the people practising native religions, correct? Some people left #Catholicism and followed Martin Luther to Lutheranism but the biggest split came when Henry VIII wanted a divorce which caused Anglicanism to be born. If the Catholic Church and Church of England only split due to Harry wanting a divorce and not for any severe doctrinal difference what changed along the way? Why do we have such different views on contraception, the marriage of clergy members, Saints and penance ♥

Thus far for explanations as to how hell & Satan came to be; I’ve heard that there was a war in heaven between God and Lucifer, Lucifer fell to earth & God made hell as a prison for sinners, so I’m assuming Lucifer became Satan i.e. head warden of God’s prison. I’ve also heard that God decided not to enter a certain area so he could cast sinners i.e. those not in union with him to a place where he was not present. But the questions still remain; surely God and Satan had to have made a deal with each other for Satan to rule over hell……..And how did God get Satan to rule hell in obedience with his will if Satan hates God ♥

The angels that descended from Heaven and mixed with people, having children with them (somewhere in the old Testament) what was their motivation and why were their children giants ♥

Lucifer thought he could do better than God so God ordered Archangel Michael to bounce Lucifer out of heaven and Lucifer became Satan, correct? Which leads to these questions; what Bible verse is this in? I’m guessing somewhere in Genesis. And did Lucifer create hell or did God? How did they organise heaven and hell for good and evil respectively if Lucifer hated God ♥

50% of Americans identify as Christian, up to 90% believe in God be that a Muslim, Jew, Christian, Sikh or non religious God. We all know the vast majority of atheists celebrate Christmas so what the hell do these big Christmas trees represent that government  officials insist on calling them holiday trees, get a grip secular progressives. When I had a crisis of faith and thought I was atheist I didn’t mind the word ‘Christmas’ ♥