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What do you think of people speaking in tongues? It goes on all the time in Pentecostal Churches. When I first became a Pentecostal, I’d attend ‘Emmanuel Pentecostal Church’ and without fail the same 2 or 3 people would get up and speak in tongues every single service. Also without fail the same elderly man would get up and translate what they said into English. At least that’s how I recall, he could have just been praying in English a completely different prayer. Are Pentecostals the only denomination to use glossolalia? What is the Biblical explanation for glossolalia ♥


Like I’m willing to bet most African kids were, I was brought up listening to ‘Premier Christian Radio’. It was in the mid 90s I was exposed to Billy Graham, Dr James Dobson, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. As the noughties rolled in I became aware of Creflo Dollar (what a fitting last name) and Matthew Ashimilowo. Were you brought up listening to these ministers and if so what are your thoughts on them? Pat Robertson is a billionaire, Creflo Dollar is a millionaire as is Matthew Ashimilowo. They all believe in prosperity theology. It is my understanding that Graham is the only one not living in a mansion, which I find very hard to believe. Is there evidence for prosperity theology in the Bible ♥

David Cameron why are you trying to appeal to members of the Church of England? The Anglican Church is full of false prophets, part of the reason almost no one in the UK is arsed with that denomination and the Nigerian Branch along with branches in America and Canada, broke away. You can’t appeal to the C of E to defend values and the moral code when they don’t even respect the values and moral codes dictated in the Bible. That Church now ignores sin that is seen as acceptable in the eyes of society ♥

The angels that descended from Heaven and mixed with people, having children with them (somewhere in the old Testament) what was their motivation and why were their children giants ♥

Lucifer thought he could do better than God so God ordered Archangel Michael to bounce Lucifer out of heaven and Lucifer became Satan, correct? Which leads to these questions; what Bible verse is this in? I’m guessing somewhere in Genesis. And did Lucifer create hell or did God? How did they organise heaven and hell for good and evil respectively if Lucifer hated God ♥

50% of Americans identify as Christian, up to 90% believe in God be that a Muslim, Jew, Christian, Sikh or non religious God. We all know the vast majority of atheists celebrate Christmas so what the hell do these big Christmas trees represent that government  officials insist on calling them holiday trees, get a grip secular progressives. When I had a crisis of faith and thought I was atheist I didn’t mind the word ‘Christmas’ ♥