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Like I’m willing to bet most African kids were, I was brought up listening to ‘Premier Christian Radio’. It was in the mid 90s I was exposed to Billy Graham, Dr James Dobson, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. As the noughties rolled in I became aware of Creflo Dollar (what a fitting last name) and Matthew Ashimilowo. Were you brought up listening to these ministers and if so what are your thoughts on them? Pat Robertson is a billionaire, Creflo Dollar is a millionaire as is Matthew Ashimilowo. They all believe in prosperity theology. It is my understanding that Graham is the only one not living in a mansion, which I find very hard to believe. Is there evidence for prosperity theology in the Bible ♥


You know when God sent two angels to visit Lot and told him to get the hell out of Sodom because he wanted to wipe Sodom and Gomorrah from the face of the earth? Could that happen now? If God looked at a country (let’s be honest probably a Scandinavian country, they’re the most liberal) and thought he wanted to cleanse it, would he send angels to warn the God fearing to up and leave that land? If so how would we know not to dismiss the people claiming to have been visited by angels as nuts ♥

Thus far for explanations as to how hell & Satan came to be; I’ve heard that there was a war in heaven between God and Lucifer, Lucifer fell to earth & God made hell as a prison for sinners, so I’m assuming Lucifer became Satan i.e. head warden of God’s prison. I’ve also heard that God decided not to enter a certain area so he could cast sinners i.e. those not in union with him to a place where he was not present. But the questions still remain; surely God and Satan had to have made a deal with each other for Satan to rule over hell……..And how did God get Satan to rule hell in obedience with his will if Satan hates God ♥

Lucifer thought he could do better than God so God ordered Archangel Michael to bounce Lucifer out of heaven and Lucifer became Satan, correct? Which leads to these questions; what Bible verse is this in? I’m guessing somewhere in Genesis. And did Lucifer create hell or did God? How did they organise heaven and hell for good and evil respectively if Lucifer hated God ♥

Jessica Simpson made a big deal out of waiting until marriage to have sex and now she’s pregnant out of wedlock, so many jokes to be told. Her dad was a preacher too ♥

You are Christian, yet you’re toying with the idea of sinning, you know given the opportunity you’d sin. If you then act on the sin is that then worse than spontaneous sin because you had time to weigh up the pros and cons of doing the sin? Or what if you plan to sin, is that worse in the eyes of God because you planned it, for example planning a bank robbery and then robbing said bank ♥

How did David rise up and become King? It wasn’t only off of killing Goliath and the war the Israelites had with the Philistines (who descended from Angels who’d had children with people, right?) was it? Also who was David’s wife (Solomon’s mother)? How many did he have