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Lord give me strength and please let me not be rude to anyone. Not all family is good family and lord knows that when I was young, adult family members of mine did some cruel and wicked things to me but tis the time of year to see these people and act like being in the same room with them doesn’t make my blood boil. Lord please let me survive tomorrow for it is the first time my divorced parents will be spending a Christmas together on neutral territory since that evil union was dissolved. It’ll be so weird them being together again but at least this time around one party can’t bully the other. And at least I am an adult this time & can’t be physically disciplined by any extended family ♥

Calling Santa Claus a secular icon is an epic fail by secular progressive atheists. Santa Claus is based on the Catholic St Nicholas ♥

50% of Americans identify as Christian, up to 90% believe in God be that a Muslim, Jew, Christian, Sikh or non religious God. We all know the vast majority of atheists celebrate Christmas so what the hell do these big Christmas trees represent that government  officials insist on calling them holiday trees, get a grip secular progressives. When I had a crisis of faith and thought I was atheist I didn’t mind the word ‘Christmas’ ♥