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Call me old fashioned but when I saw the article in the Daily Mail today entitled ‘Would YOU let your teenage daughter sleep with a boyfriend in your home?’ my immediate answer was NO. At my age now I would *not* go to either of my parents’ homes and ask for a boyfriend to sleep over. The only time I think it is acceptable is if they’re husband and wife. What kind of message does it send out to let your teenage daughter have sex in your home, when you are there? If said teenage daughter becomes pregnant you would have a share of the blame ♥

The FeMail section of the Mail has a point, so many famous women insist they’re happy being fat and then slim down; Nigella Lawson, Dawn French, Jennifer Hudson, Fern Britton and Pauline Quirk. Be honest; is any woman happy being fat? I mean what does being a fat woman bring? Fat teenage girls get ridiculed in school, even in the street. And I am not talking about curvy women because there’s no way I’d want to be anything but curvy. I can’t be the only one who’s gone clothes shopping with friends as a teen and been saddened when I can’t wear the clothes my friends are wearing or who’s been embarrassed to eat in public to the point of getting hunger pains because I was scared someone would call me ‘fat’. Even the diva Aretha Franklin has slimmed right down ♥