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Slut Shaming

Last night I tweeted @RebeccaWatson in regards to her comments about Chris Brown performing at the Grammy’s this year. Breezy was bad, there is no doubt about it, he shouldn’t have hit Rihanna but she shouldn’t have hit him either. Yet for some reason feminists like to forget that she did that. Women are capable of domestic violence too. 6’8” Dennis Rodman had his then wife, Carmen Electra, charged with spousal abuse after she stabbed him with a rose stem and hit him a few times.


What followed then was this tweet from Watson; “OK guys, I’m blocking Cindy and suggest you do the same as I don’t think she’s the type for actual discussion”.

What an idiotic thing to tweet. I’m blocking her because she can’t discuss. It’s like, Honey you’re the one doing the blocking, you’re the one not discussing. Thankfully @endless_psych spoke up, stating emphatically that it was not her job to tell him, who he should and shouldn’t talk to and then going on to say I’ve always been civil to him.

I only attack when attacked.

That was the first backwards thing that happened that lead to this blog entry, the second incident involved a user called @racyboldhare, with a twitter bio that reads “Socialist, feminist, trade unionist (NUJ/UCU), journalist, lecturerist. More mad cat lady than not. Cup cake-hater”. How the hell does a feminist come out with; ”@rebeccawatson As @Original_Cindy is happy to be identified by her cleavage,  I’m not sure can take her opinions on violence against women seriously”? Has she not heard of sex positive feminism? Why do I need to hide my feminine body to be taken seriously? Is a feminist actually judging what a woman really means by her attire or lack thereof? Is that not a rapists’ way of thinking?

It was my good friend @MWStory that spoke up, a man. Myself and him have spent hours in his house over dinner, discussing right wing politics and going back and forth. He knows I know my shit. Incidentally he’s also the only one who has managed to decipher the fact that I dress this way (in online pictures only) to manipulate people. I believe his words were “No doubt, you have a degree and no doubt this image is a carefully constructed manipulative plan”. Years ago I had a Myspace page and I posted on a Myspace forum. None of the male members dared question a woman on there who claimed to have all sorts of degrees and used the image of Jenn Sterger claiming to be the relatively unknown model (of course under a different name).

I’m no Jenn Sterger but I have ample cleavage and can get male attention quite easily, so using what I have I adopt the Jenn Sterger effect, to the best of my ability. It’s worked, I’m constantly accused of not having a degree or being qualified in beauty therapy or cosmetology. Which are actually sciences, so that’s a fail, an epic one at that. Beauticians are just as much geeks as Rebecca Watson is.

What @racyboldhare fails to realise is; there are different kinds of power. I have flirted my way out of police trouble (this was when I was a size 20, big girls can do it too). I did something I shouldn’t have, a police officer saw, I fluttered my eyelashes, apologised and offered him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled and let me on my way. I have traveled great distances for free because the male ticket inspector was too busy trying to get my phone number than to realise I was manipulating him. Once, I over slept and missed my train to London. I didn’t retreat, I reloaded. I wore the most boobiful outfit I had and got to London, for free.

@MWStory was right when he told @racyboldhare she was engaging in slut shaming. For the record though, this is a look I go for and of no reference to my sexual morals. I’m harder to get into than a nun in Rome.


Sceptic fail: Old fashioned misogyny in action

Tonight I made some stuff public knowledge, you can debate whether that was right or wrong but the responses I got were nothing short of krazy.

@gussay_guscot was the first to pipe up who was swiftly put down by  @HayleyStevens. Kudos to her. His gem of a tweet went as follows “Is that a bachelors of science? Doubt it, they don’t do science degree in fashion or cosmetic surgery. Original, I doubt it”. This was in reply to me mentioning my degree in IR with Politics. I like fashion, make up, the Kardashian sisters and all things girly really, however I also like to discuss religion, politics and current affairs etc. Girly girls can’t be intelligent? Are you smoking something? I rightly pointed out to him that a degree in cosmetic surgery is a degree in a science, sceptic stuff.

@The_Crazy_Dwarf whom I believe is also a sceptic also piped in to say how lame @gussay_guscot was for actually saying that.

In response to my tweet which read “Here we go; of course me liking fashion & cosmetics means I can’t achieve a BA in international relations with Politics”, @andyjholding chipped in with this beauty “BA in International Relations ha ha almost got me there”.

He of course was joined by @Scepticstu who @’ed this to someone debating me “You’re bigger than some muppety troll. Watch it though, she ‘has a degree’! Hilarious. Crack on fella”

Not only do I have a degree in IR with politics, I studied a degree in business before that (though I didn’t finish it). I have qualifications in aviation and a well above average IQ. I can’t articulate myself as well as @blondpidge who gets much of the same abuse over her interest in taking care of her appearance as well as academia but nevertheless I have to thank her and @12meadow (a beautician) for defending me, the African Elle Woods.

Btw I met several models and glamour models when I was at university and whilst visiting strip club for my dissertation I interviewed many girls who danced who were studying and writing books. Jog on!

PS I almost forgot @burpthekitten who tweeted this about me “Life is too short to waste it on fuckwits. No-one believes her tripe, leave her to her make-up and sad little life”.