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Please forgive any offence I may cause with this status; Are Orthodox Jewish women not allowed to speak with ‘outsiders’? Approximately 1/5 of my clientele are Orthodox Jews and of that 1/5 only 3 women have been pleasant and chatted happily with me, the rest have been very cold to me and in fact damn right rude. Is it anything to do with being ‘the chosen people’? Are Gentiles inferior? My last client today was especially rude and my boss even called me over and asked if I was OK after what she had done. Incidentally orthodox Jewish men have been nothing but nice to me so I have to wonder are the women sheltered from outsiders ♥

.@moronwatch  A lot of Orthodox Jewish women come into my work and if we get talking I can talk about Judaism with them for ages. I find Jewish culture so fascinating and the urge to study and learn more about Judaism has hit me full force. The Jewish culture is one of the most sophisticated I’ve come across

A Jewish woman came in today, I knew she was Jewish because she was wearing a wig (can anyone tell me why Jewish women do this btw i.e. shave their heads only to wear wigs?), her son was under 3 so had very long hair and we got into the religious reasons behind this. We spoke about Judaism and Christianity, Chanukkah and Christmas. The only odd thing about her was she could barely speak Hebrew which is fine since Bar Mitzvahs are bigger deals that Bat Mitzvah but she was the wife of a Rabbi lol ♥

Lucifer thought he could do better than God so God ordered Archangel Michael to bounce Lucifer out of heaven and Lucifer became Satan, correct? Which leads to these questions; what Bible verse is this in? I’m guessing somewhere in Genesis. And did Lucifer create hell or did God? How did they organise heaven and hell for good and evil respectively if Lucifer hated God ♥

You are Christian, yet you’re toying with the idea of sinning, you know given the opportunity you’d sin. If you then act on the sin is that then worse than spontaneous sin because you had time to weigh up the pros and cons of doing the sin? Or what if you plan to sin, is that worse in the eyes of God because you planned it, for example planning a bank robbery and then robbing said bank ♥

How did David rise up and become King? It wasn’t only off of killing Goliath and the war the Israelites had with the Philistines (who descended from Angels who’d had children with people, right?) was it? Also who was David’s wife (Solomon’s mother)? How many did he have

According to the Bible who is the father of the African race; I have now heard 3 different Biblical versions. Version 1) Cain fathered the African race after being banished to Africa by God for killing his brother Abel and a curse was placed upon Cain’s descendants. Version 2) Noah got drunk and was naked, his son Ham found him and saw him naked so God cursed him and his descendants and banished him to Africa. And Version 3) Sarah incorrectly thought she was infertile so told Abraham to have an affair with Hagar so he’d have children however this maybe angered God because adultery is a sin. Hagar and Abraham had Ishmael and his descendants the Ishmaelites were Africans though wikipedia says Ishmael was the father of the Arabs according to the Bible ♥