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A question about #Islam; If a man wants to take a 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife, does he need to seek the approval and gain it from his first wife ♥

Let’s say this were a Muslim country, say Saudi Arabia and 3 sisters and their cousin were out in the wee hours blind drunk, they were wearing trousers, make up and showing cleavage along with having uncovered hair. They spot some English immigrants (or children of immigrants) to Saudi and racially abuse them, punching and kicking them, basically give them a beat down. What would happen? 100 rattan strikes ♥

50% of Americans identify as Christian, up to 90% believe in God be that a Muslim, Jew, Christian, Sikh or non religious God. We all know the vast majority of atheists celebrate Christmas so what the hell do these big Christmas trees represent that government  officials insist on calling them holiday trees, get a grip secular progressives. When I had a crisis of faith and thought I was atheist I didn’t mind the word ‘Christmas’ ♥