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What do you think of people speaking in tongues? It goes on all the time in Pentecostal Churches. When I first became a Pentecostal, I’d attend ‘Emmanuel Pentecostal Church’ and without fail the same 2 or 3 people would get up and speak in tongues every single service. Also without fail the same elderly man would get up and translate what they said into English. At least that’s how I recall, he could have just been praying in English a completely different prayer. Are Pentecostals the only denomination to use glossolalia? What is the Biblical explanation for glossolalia ♥


Are there any Pentecostal preachers who head these mega Churches with over a 1,000 members who are not in it for the money? Because right now all I can see is; Pentecostal preaching is a way to become a millionaire screw actually preaching the Gospel ♥

Who is going to stop the Pentecostal Church making ludicrous claims about being able to cure HIV/AIDs through prayer? I’m a Pentecostal but this is nuts. I’m not one who can fall for this nonsense but I’ve sat in services where they’ve claimed this rubbish and I’m sure people in the congregation bought it